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Project Solutions Ltd. was established in August 2004 with the purpose of offering complete, personalized and reliable services for its mainly small and medium business partners. Not only do we find tenders for our partners, but also prepare final reports as the end of the tendering work. Besides tendering consultancy, when required so by our clients, we also provide help in finding the optimal financial solutions.

Our company is aware that a tender cannot succeed without a professionally well-established project with a proper budget, in accordance with many different points of view. According to our experience, companies without the full knowledge of this field do not know the limitations and the opportunities when working out development plans. This is why we consider it very important to get involved already at the preliminary steps of the project. Based on well-established and mature preparation and planning processes, completing a project can be accelerated and the unforseeable difficulties of the tendering work can be avoided.

To assure the high level of our services, every tendering consultant of our company has the qualification of an Official Tender Writer acknowledged by the Ministry of Economy and Transportation. The achieved professional quality cannot be maintained without updating our knowledge continuously and considering our experience. Our company is proud that besides their everyday work, our colleagues continuously take part in training sessions, courses and conferences. In this way they can provide our partners with up-to-date information, prepare a professionally perfect tender, and help our clients to get the European Union as well as domestic resources.

The business activity of our company is not limited to only one special field. Our mission is to provide the necessary support and help in the whole process of tendering and relating activities through learning the details of the development plans of our partners and building long-time relationships. We have partners all over the country and in almost every sector of the economy. Their success prove that it is worthwhile, useful - and possible - to find the proper financial resources appropriate for the strategic and developmental ideas and plans, and to obtain them at a tender. Based on these, competitiveness as well as market positions can be kept even under the strained business circumstances of the European Union, and the consequences derived from the lack of capital typical for domestic ventures can be avoided.

Do not forget that preparing the perfect tendering material is not as difficult as it looks, you just need to be well prepared concerning the European Union regulations, to have professional knowledge, and to consider financial and time limits. If you think that you might need help with preparing a successful tender, please turn to us with confidence. We are here to help you!

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